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Accredited Investors

Individual investors gain access to pre-IPO deals previously only  available to top venture capital firms.

Family Offices

Family offices gain exposure to innovative and fast-growing companies that offer portfolio diversification.

Institutional Investors

Use our platform to source opportunities, increase deal flow, and manage & deploy capital efficiently.

Financial Advisors/RIA

Advisors access investments for clients to increase AUM while achieving yield and diversification objectives.

one stop platform for private investment

MarketX is a one-stop shop for over 200 family offices, funds, and high net worth individuals to access high growth investment opportunities.

Investment Management Platform
Access to investment opportunities in high-growth companies all over the world from your smartphone.
Investment Fund
The MX50 Fund provides our clients with access to deals a portfolio of top growth-stage and pre-IPO deals globally.
Liquidity Provider
MarketX provides employees and investors of late-stage startups with early liquidity options for their holdings.
Secondary Market Deal Facilitator
MarketX assists clients in the complicated process of purchasing private shares on the secondary market.
OUR INVESTORS Have led top global firms

Platform packed with features
to make investing simple

Subscription to our platform comes with perks that will make managing funds, whether for clients or personally, easier. Simply download our mobile app, create an account, and you’re ready to explore our global opportunities.
MX50 Fund Access

The MX50 Fund invests in global growth and pre-IPO startups with a focus on disruptive technologies, ESG, and diverse founders.

Convenient Mobile App

The MarketX mobile application provides investors with a streamlined process for sourcing private equity investments.

White-Glove Service

Our client managers help with sourcing, negotiating, and structuring investment made through our platform.

Thorough Due Diligence

The investment team at MarketX prepares in-depth due diligence reports to help our clients better analyze deals on our platform.

Thematic Focus

MarketX also specializes in sourcing the top deals relating to emerging markets, ESG, clean energy, and minority founders.

Competitive Pricing

With our global network of investors, MarketX is able to source deals and negotiate terms down to a competitive price.

invest alongside top vcs

MarketX Special Opportunities (MX50) Fund

The MarketX Ventures Special Opportunities (MX50) Fund is an actively managed fund that targets a diversified portfolio of late-stage, venture-backed, private companies with a focus on:

Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG)
Businesses focusing on sustainability and ethical impact
Diverse Founders
Businesses founded by women or minority founders
Emerging Markets
Businesses in markets with high growth opportunity

Late Stage Venture Investing is Heating Up

Market signals indicate a high growth potential for the late stage tech startup investment space
"Press reports suggest that Sequoia Capital recently secured $6 billion for its new funds, which are expected to raise a total of $12 billion. In addition, General Catalyst has recently raised $1.375 billion for a new fund."

Many of the top venture capital funds are gearing up for the increased activity in the late stage venture space. With more firing power, funds plan to write larger checks and invest in more deals.

Leverage the MarketX Ventures platform to invest alongside the top venture capital funds in the most exclusive deals.

"As per Crunchbase’s analysis for the VC market in Q2 2018, the average size of a late-stage deal around the globe has increased from about $77 million in Q1 2018 to over $100 million in Q2 2018."

Investments into startups are reaching new highs and, subsequently, the minimum amount of capital required to invest in the top late stage deals. Although this is a sign of a market with high return potential, it is becoming increasingly difficult for family offices, high net worth individuals, and small/medium funds to gain access. MarketX removes this barrier with our MX50 Fund and co-investment opportunities.

"The large amount of capital being pumped into successful technology companies is providing them with significant runway to operate and scale globally without immediate need of public markets."

With larger injections of venture capital, more startups are electing to delay the public offering process. As a result, most of the value is created prior to the IPO.

Private investors in technology startups will experience higher potential returns compared to the returns of public investors in the same startup.

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See What Our Clients Say About Us

"MarketX helped me make my very first private investment - Postmates! MarketX made it a reality for investors like me to participate in the tremendous growth of private tech companies before they go public."

Bastian Purrer
Founder of Lyke

"MarketX opened up the pre-IPO market for me, the most exciting asset class I’ve invested in."

Andreas Wigand
CEO at Ongo

"MarketX helped us expand to Asia in no time, by connecting us with strategic investors in the Asian market."

Laurence Kemball-Cook
CEO at Pavegen

"MarketX made it possible for me to source and execute investment in a private company in only two days while maintaining an easy process."

William Lau
Asia Family Office, Owner of 9 Dragons
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