Invest in a Global Portfolio of Late Stage Private Companies with a Diversified Approach

We’re pioneering a global portfolio that offers investors the option to diversify their approach while investing in late stage private companies.

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Invest Alongside the Top VCs in Exclusive Opportunities

Our strategy offers significant upside potential and access to investments that have been backed by the top 1% of Global VC funds.

MarketX Managed Fund Sector Overview

Our Managed Fund Focuses On Investments In Six Sectors Where Technology Innovations Are Making Long-Lasting Impact On The Global Economy
Next Gen Transportation

The convergence of sensors, computing, 5G networks, and battery technology is transforming all modes of transportation – on-the-ground, in-the-air, and in-the-sea.

Industry Cloud

A focus on UI/UX design, machine learning, and wide adoption of cloud software is changing workplace tools in all verticals ranging from real estate, legal, to financial services.

New Financial Services

Simpler, faster, and more accessible products and services in a traditionally slow-moving industry; billions gains access to financial services through mobile applications

Creative Living

Higher property utilization, data driven optimization, and robotics are challenging traditional players in the real estate industry, from construction, financing, to leasing.


The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated trends in how we utilize our leisure time. Now more than ever, consumers have turned to new means of interaction utilizing online worlds and new technologies to express themselves and their interests.

 Lifestyle & Education

Internet and mobile technologies have changed how goods, services, and information reach billions of people. They have unlocked many possibilities in a connected world.

MX50 Fund Investment Process

Our unique strategy for identifying, winning, and harvesting returns on investments.
1. Proprietary data driven sourcing and due diligence
2. Category focus to avoid "spray and pray"
3. Unique value add from our cross-border network
4. Deep domain expertise and founder networks in the U.S. and China
5. Secondary opportunities for optimized risk-adjusted returns in growth stage
6. Growth stage investments for capturing potential

Join the private world of global growth-stage and pre-IPO investing while generating high returns and producing social impact

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