Invest in high growth private technology companies with a diversified approach

Our managed fund provides investors with a portfolio of leading growth-stage and Pre-IPO startups
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Past secondary deals managed by marketx ventures

Invest alongside the top VCs in exclusive opportunities

Our strategy offers significant upside potential and access to investments that have been backed by the top 1% of Global VC funds.
Core Investment Themes

Providing capital to address social and environmental issues around the globe while maintaining a high return profile


We believe that software as a service platforms created for specific industries will lead software sales in the future


The finance industry is experiencing major disruption, our managed fund will locate the top companies revolutionizing finance


Next generation transportation is quickly evolving due to environmental factors and technological improvements leading to high return potential

MarketX Managed Fund Overview

Gain Access to a Diversified Portfolio of the Leading Private Technology Companies
Category Focus

The Fund will provide investors with a portfolio of private technology companies focused on next generation transportation, vertical SaaS, and FinTech.

MarketX Synergies

The Fund leverages the existing MarketX Ventures secondary market exposure, gaining access to deal due diligence, competitive pricing, and experience facilitating deals.

Liquidity Options

The MX50 Fund has been designed with a focus on LPs. The fund will exit investments through public offerings or acquisitions in the private market.

Thematic Investing

The Fund will invest in startups that align with our key investing themes: ESG, women and minority founded startups, and startups in emerging markets.

MX50 Fund Investment Process

Our unique strategy for identifying, winning, and harvesting returns on investments.
1. Proprietary data driven sourcing and due diligence
2. Category focus to avoid "spray and pray"
3. Unique value add from our cross-border network
4. Deep domain expertise and founder networks in the U.S. and China
5. Secondary opportunities for optimized risk-adjusted returns in growth stage
6. Growth stage investments for capturing potential

Join the private world of global growth-stage and pre-IPO investing while generating high returns and producing social impact

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